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Youth Fall and Winter Leagues

So you want to play lax during the 'off season?'

Encouraging players is our passion. 

We've heard from countless players that being involved in sports other than lacrosse ('gasp') builds better sport strategy IQ.  That said, many though leaders encourage players to keep their stick skills sharp in the fall and winter through periodic clinics, 5 on 5 games or through lower key periodic practice with a travel team.

We built a local resource for Northern NJ that has the contacts for a lot of local coaches and teams.  Many of them offer winter training.  Click (here) to read the blog post we wrote about it. To bypass the reading and get right to the Northern NJ teams click (here)

In the meantime, do you know of a clinic, travel team, winter league or other resource we should be including in listings?  Feel free to share using the form below.

Please include in your message:

1. Name & type of program
2. Contact information (if different than that in the form)
3. Target age group(s) and gender (where possible)

Enjoy the summer.