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About Yo Momma Loves Lax

YML2 (Yo Momma Loves Lax)

Yeah she does.  So do 100 of 1,000s of fans - some of them lifelong fans, others are new to the game.  As fans we love to watch the game.  We love to cheer from the side lines and we love that the game is inspired by an all American competitive spirit.

We know that we are not alone in our passion for the game.  From 2001-2015 lacrosse participation grew by over 150% for boys and 160% for girls.  Comparable statistics for other team sports range from participation losses to low single digit results (source:

And you know what else? We know that a lot of the fan base for this sport grew up in areas where they didn't have the option to play themselves.  So this is a whole new experience for the entire families of the lacrosse movement.

To address the growth in the lacrosse community, our team at YML2 started this website to collect up resources and products to help others in their pursuit of the best of the lacrosse lifestyle.

We launched this site in 2016.  During this first phase of growth, our efforts will be focused on building our proprietary content and layering in curated products and resources from other brands and service providers that we think offer amazing products to the LAX community. 

Want so show off your LAX fan spirit? Get one of our YML2 lax-right t-shirts that shows off your connection to the unique vocabulary of the game - and shout out your support of your favorite player by wearing it to next week's lax tourney! ps. all hats and shirts are 100% made in the USA.

YML2 (Yo Mamma Loves Lax) resources are brought to you by BottomHand Lacrosse.  BottomHand's mission is build gear that's made for lacrosse players - not hand me downs from other sports. Look for BottomHand  products for on their website.

In the meantime, bookmark this site and continue to come visit us...
Why? 'Cause Yo Mamma said so.


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