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YML2 launches the 'GET ONE MORE!' program

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Who is YML2?
Yo Momma Loves Lax (‘YML2’) is a lacrosse lifestyle brand.  Our mission is to bring thoughtful content, gear, resources, and connectivity directly to the fast growing lacrosse community.

What is ‘GET ONE MORE!’’?
In order to support the growth of the game of lacrosse in more communities, YML2 has built the ‘GET ONE MORE! program.  Through this effort we are collecting lightly used gear and distributing it to players trying lacrosse for the first time.  We are currently working with CityLAX in support of their New York City based program.

What does CityLAX do?
CityLAX is a not for profit whose mission is to use a public-private partnership model to build/expand the game of lacrosse inside New York City public schools. (see the CityLAX website for more on their programs, clinics, and mission)

How can you help?
If you have gear you are no longer using but someone else could, please consider donating it to the YML2 ‘GET ONE MORE!’ program. We are collecting shoulder and elbow pads, girls goggles, sticks, and gloves.  No helmets please.

On our website we have a form set up to help track incoming gear.  Please look for our submission form and shipping address on the 'GET ONE MORE!' page on our website.

Our program will run year round and we will send out collections of gear as new programs are launched each season by CityLAX.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach us at

Thank you!
Thank you for helping us support the growth and development of lacrosse players in all communities.  We are eager to see your generosity and support help us at YML2 to 'GET ONE MORE!'.


**This campaign was re-branded from 'Play it Forward' on 6.16.16**


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