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Top five reasons to bring your family to a United Womens Lacrosse (UWLX) game

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We drove to Johns Hopkins last weekend for the FIRST EVER UWLX finals.  The games were great.  The athleticism displayed on the field was amazing.  The stick skills were truly inspiring. All of the players should be congratulated for their display of talent.

If you missed them  - you can still replay the games on ESPN3.

But ESPN won't show you why you should bring your daughter to these games.  Sure, it's got the highlights, great camera work and the commentators really know their stuff.

But they don't show you the angle WE got on the action.

From our vantage point we saw five UNADVERTISED reasons to go to the games:

1) One on one clinic time with the players Saturday morning

UWLX pros at clinic
(Special thanks to UWLX players: Hilary Bowen , Erin Silfer, Morgan Stephens and Julie Gardner)

2) One on one chats with the MVP, Devon Wills

Chatting with top players(Special thanks to UWLX players Devon Wills and Alyssa Leonard)

3) Inclusion in the on field excitement

4) Photo ops with new friends

(Special thanks to UWLX players: Erin Silfer, Hilary Bowen , Kasey Mock and Alyssa Leonard)

5) Personal connection to role models

signatures from uwlx and signed ball.

We bought hats and shirts to wear again, but nothing beats the collection of autographs and the associated memories they represent.  The ball is already sitting in a special case on the shelf so it's protected from harm...

On the ride home, sibling back seat banter included a dialog about practicing, stick tricks and what schools have good lax programs.  When I heard, 'well I'm going to apply to UNC because they have a great lacrosse program' I knew we had made the right decision to make the trip.

Oh and it didn't hurt that my husband got to bump into Petro (Dave Pietramala) for the SECOND time this season.  All is good in our world.

Live a lax inspired life.   #Listentoyomomma Save


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