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Six last minute gift ideas for the Lax Mom (or Dad) in your world

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You've got time...not much time...but if you haven't decided what to get for that special Lax Mom (or Dad) in your world, we've got a few ideas for you!
Idea #6 is a blatant plug for YML2 and BottomHand Lax gear  -- scroll down to find coupon codes for a free patch or 20% off your entire order.

1) Mambe Waterproof fleece lined blankets: We reviewed this collection earlier this year.  This is one of the best purchases ever.  The whipping wind at Rutgers during a weekend of games that were improperly labeled 'fall ball' (WINTER BALL would have been more like it) and it proved it's truly a life saver.

 2) CGI Freestyle Rocker: We take these everywhere.  It's the best chair around.  So MANY people have briefly tested the chair, turned around on the sideline of a game and immediately ordered one.  It's got hydraulics so the chair 'rocks' even though it's not a 'rocker'.  Two handles on it make what is a heavy chair easier to carry.  Don't walk, run...

 3) Quest Folding Sports Wagon: When you're schlepping gear, food, chairs and lord knows what else from field to field, this wagon is a must have.  We chose this wider wheeled version in orange on a recommendation that it was better in the sand and never looked back.

4) Helinox Camping Chair: Not sold on the rocker? Worried it's heavy? Then consider this Helinox chair instead.  At under 3 lbs you can carry it in your backpack.  I've carried it to games in my purse. It's two pieces set up easily and the reviews of 6+ foot 200+pound men all say the same thing we're saying -  that this is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience - for any sized body.
5) Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE: Tired of eating out of 'food trucks' at sports tournaments? Consider packing one of these into the car before you go.  Within minutes this grill is delivering on the promise to serve you up a more satisfying meal than the chicken fingers and fries were ever going to be. (also great for tailgating at NCAA games...)

 6) BottomHand Lax Bucket Hat with a custom patch OR a YML2 tshirt: Looking for a gift that's not hit the 'main stream' yet? Consider giving a BottomHand Lax hat and patch to your favorite fan.  OR check out the awesome lacrosse sayings showcased on YML2's t-shirts.  You're not going to find either of these items at Dick's Sporting Goods or on

Mock Up of Head on a SwivelMock Up of Wheels Tshirt
BHL Hats are $25-$35 and YML2 t-shirts are $25
Use code: Holiday and get any one patch for free!
Use code: Thankful and get 20% off any purchase.



Disclosure: YML2 gets an affiliate fee from Amazon for any purchases through the links in this article. And of course we sell YML2 and BottomHand Lax gear ourselves so we do make a profit on those sales as well...

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