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A mouthguard a day - Part Two

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Mouthguards - part two - let's talk about maintenance and proper use.

A step back first - now that we are on this mouthguard kick, let's make sure the guard you are using fits properly. Can you talk with it in? Have you bitten chunks out of it? If you are having a hard time breathing, or the guard is uncomfortable it's time to consider getting a different one.

Assuming it fits, your guard should be cared for on a regular basis. Recognizing this could be like when the vet tells you to start brushing your cat's teeth daily (not happening) it is a good idea to regularly rinse your guard. Brushing it with a toothbrush is even better advice and the dentist would recommend periodically washing it with soapy water.

Carrying the guard in a case and caring for it the way the dentist suggests seems to be easier to execute for girls for a simple reason - the guard isn't attached to a helmet that gets jammed into a kit bag and then the trunk of a car. For that, women are likely to more easily take reasonable steps for care. That's one for the girls.

For the helmet wearers, there's going to be some extra 'work.' In my world, I'm going to suggest my son - at a minimum to take the guard off the helmet and regularly clean it. Ideally, I'm going to get him to snap a case around the cleaned guard before it gets flung into the trunk again. The dentist says it shouldn't be kept in a hot car, but if it gets flung into a drawer, separated from the helmet, finding it later will cause confusion and delay. The step towards cleanliness on its own is going to be a win.

Printable fit and care suggestions from the ADA are available here.

Care for your mouthguard. Why? Cause Yo Momma said so.

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