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Do you need a lacrosse teacher?

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Here's one of the best beginner resources around - yup - Lacrosse for Dummies.



No joke - the book has great basics on the men's game, the women's game and box lacrosse all rolled up into one.

We've watched games on the TV, sat at 100s of live game and 'paid' ex-players to stand with us on the sidelines and give a play by play.  But none of that would have been worth the effort, without a basic knowledge of the game that reading this book provided.

If you are still trying to figure out what a slash is, where the heck the 'hole' starts and ends or why your kid keeps talking about 'getting the ball to x' this is the book for you.

Give it a try - and tell the people at Amazon that Yo Momma sent you.

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