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What's makes for good lax moves? Practice, practice, practice.

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As we've built the YML2 site we've scoured the web for lacrosse inspired quotes.  Those we've posted we've proudly written ourselves.  There was this great article in 2014 written by US Lacrosse that quoted 35 All Star players, both male and female,  that we found inspiring. 

Our favorites were:

Taylor D'Amore, attack, who said, "Stick skills are learned through practice on your own time away from the game."

Marcus Holman, attack, who said, "Get out and watch as many LIVE games as you can (TV is fine as well). Watch what makes the bet players great and try to emulate their skills in your yard."

Paul Rabil, midfield, who said, "You can never spend too much time on the wall. Never."

Here's a link to the whole US Lacrosse article: what-does-it-take-to-be-great-tips-from-35-team-usa-stars.

Listen to Yo Momma (and the best players in the game.)


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