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How cold was it on the sidelines of that lax tourney last night?

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The post below was dated March 29, 2016.  It was updated as of November 1, 2016.

We kicked off fall 2016 fall ball with a lax tourney last Saturday and we're looking at three more through the month of November.  Are you in the same boat?

Well if you are, consider reading the product review below.  Because the blanket reviewed is one of the best things I have ever purchased. It's an EXPENSIVE choice - but having now put this blanket through HOURS of non stop rain at several soccer tournaments and been 100% dry underneath, I can tell you this is not an indulgence - this is an investment in your sanity.

Since the review, I have also been given a hooded Mambe blanket as an early birthday present (under appreciated benefit - it has interior fleece pockets for added hand warmth).  I learned at the soccer tournaments that the dry blanket was equally valuable to the players sitting the bench, which meant I was regularly guilted into sharing - so having my own really is a gift.


Posted March 29, 2016:

If you are going to a lacrosse tournament like I am this weekend you've got to consider what gear to bring for YOUR comfort as much as for the player you are going to see.

Selfish? Not so.

After driving upwards of an hour in the middle of March I'm not going to sit and freeze while watching as many as five games in an afternoon. That's not dedication that's crazy.

I did some research and found this amazing blanket you can buy for just this situation. It's from a brand called Mambe.  They are made in the USAThe outside is ripstop and the inside is very warm fleece.  They have several levels of warmth Classic, Essential, Extreme and Super Extreme and are all 100% water proof.  I went with the Extreme - but that's a personal choice.

While I LOVE my blanket and am very happy with my purchase, I feel I should have more carefully considered the hooded option, as while it comes at a higher price point, that optional hood would have kept my hands free to hold more coffee and jump around more freely.

There's a stuff bag they offer to carry it to games in (get at least a large for the blankets, comes free with the hooded version) but you could easily go without or use one from a local camping supply store.


Lacrosse requires gear for both the players on the field and the supporters in the stand.  Take a look at the Mambe story here and consider adding it to your sidelines gear for this season.

Why? Because Yo Momma says so.

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