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Yo momma loves lax...and is here to tell you all about it.

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Anybody who grew up in a town that didn't have lacrosse as a varsity sport knows what I'm talking about.  Your kid comes home and says, "Hey mom, I want to try out for the lacrosse team." Cool idea...

Next thing you know you are standing on the sidelines and you've got absolutely no idea what's going on.  Kids are running on and off the field. Penalties are being called and just about the only thing you understand is when one of them gets the ball in the goal, that's a good thing.

Despite the confusion I felt when watching that first game, I found the sport exhilarating and lucky for me my kid did too. To understand what was going on better, I carved out the time to read the rules of the game, get to know the language of the sport and to understand not just the basics, but the strategies being deployed. In short, this momma was hooked.

Truth told, I had an inside line on good lessons - my husband played on a Northern Virginia HS team and then played some D3 in college. Access to his expertise has clearly helped me - but nothing has helped more than focused time watching and re-watching recorded games on ESPN. The commentators are an amazing resource for understanding the language of the sport - which I found to be a big hurdle.

And it's that unique vocabulary that has inspired our first collection of t-shirts, blog posts and other lacrosse content.  Eventually, we will to expand our lacrosse gear into apparel that can be used while actually PLAYING the game - but that's all still in the planning stage under our parent brand BottomHand Lacrosse.

So check back with us regularly as we have big plans for content, product launches and charitable ways to support others in the lacrosse community. Our first line of t-shirts is on it's way - and not only will they be well designed, but they will provide every observer with a lesson on authentic lacrosse vocabulary.

This is all coming to you from the lacrosse momma's perspective because Yo Momma Loves Lax. 

You should listen 2 Yo Momma.

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