Inspired by all things Lacrosse.
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Launching YML2 branded hats

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These hats are legit. Even your dog's jealous of this hat...

We got the blanks from the team at Go Ruck ( and the patches made by Briarwood Makery ( The quality of the end result will knock your socks off.

YML2 Hats with logo patch


We've got the original YML2 logo(s) available to start - and a blizzard of lacrosse inspired patches on their way.

YML2 logo patches

You'll be able to rock a different patch each time you play or watch a game. 

But you've got to have the ORIGINAL HAT to kick off the dream.

Get one of these bad boys and show the rest of your tribe who's leading the trend curve.

We've got them online at YML2 (click link)

Why? 'Cause Yo Momma's got your best interests in mind.

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