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Lacrosse Vocab - Word Scramble - Men's Dodges

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Tired of hearing the word Pokemon? How about distracting your youth player with a bit of lax education and a word scramble to boot.

Our current obsession is dodging...

We've posted a whole page about dodges - the definitions are 100% YML2, the videos are curated from the best of the best. Each dodge video has examples from coaches and players we found on YouTube and stored to the YML2 YouTube channel.

Have your player read the page, watch the videos and then work through the scramble!

Then send them outside to practice - for the north-south dodges, if you don't have another player around to pose as a defenseman, many coaches suggest using a tree. No Joke.

 Dodging Word Scramble (here)
Answer key (here)

As part of this exercise see if they can come up with their own combination of dodges.  Name it and send us a copy...

Why? Because Yo Momma said so.



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