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What are technical fouls?

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According to the US Lacrosse 2017 Youth Boy's Rule Book,

"Technical fouls are those of a less serious nature and involve players being illegally disadvantaged or gaining an unfair advantage over another player."

 The penalty for a technical foul (for players over U8 in age) will be either:

* Award of the ball to the offended team if the foul occurred during a loose ball situation or when the offending team had possession of the ball; or
*  Suspension from the game of the offending player for 30 seconds if the foul occurred when the offended team had possession of a live ball.
Technical fouls include:
  • Crease Violations/Goalkeeper Interference,
  • Holding,
  • Illegal Offensive Screening,
  • Illegal Procedures,
  • Conduct Fouls,
  • Interference,
  • Offsides,
  • Pushing,
  • Stalling,
  • Warding off, and
  • Withholding the ball from play

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