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What are personal fouls?

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According to the US Lacrosse 2017 Youth Boy's Rule Book,

"Personal fouls are those of a serious nature. Personal fouls include either a safety or sportsmanship violation."

 The penalty for a personal foul (for players over U8 in age) is:

Suspension from the game of the offending player for one, two or three minutes, depending on the official’s judgment of the severity and perceived intent of the personal foul. The ball shall be given to the team fouled.
IMPORTANTLY: US Lacrosse rules emphasize player safety at the youth level and as a result they are looking for officials to issue automatic NON RELEASABLE fouls for ILLEGAL BODY CHECKS (to a defenseless player) and CHECKS INVOLVING THE HEAD/NECK.
Personal fouls include:
  • Cross checks,
  • Illegal body checks,
  • Checks involving the head/neck,
  • Illegal crosse,
  • Use of illegal equipment,
  • Slashing,
  • Tripping,
  • Unnecessary roughness,
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct,
  • Fouling out, and
  • Ejection

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