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What does 'Head on a Swivel!' REALLY mean?

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Are you itching to buy one of our 'Head on a Swivel!' t-shirts?

Secretly want to review what it REALLY means first? Well read on - this one's for you!

This YouTube video from Lacrosse Film Room is an excellent example of how to effectively execute the defensive positioning associated with 'the swivel'. 

Voice over commentary on the video points out how 'the swivel' is not just about the motion of the players head, but also about the body positioning that allows the defenseman, once he chooses his moment, to slide effectively.


Here's a link back to Lacrosse Film Room's library of excellent materials.  As they explain on their page:
"Lacrosse Film Room is dedicated to helping lacrosse players and coaches find and watch clips of games aimed at helping them learn about the game through film study rather than just watching highlight compilations.
Though videos that show great individual efforts will be posted, the emphasis is on clips that are examples of lacrosse strategy technique that are repeatable at other levels of play and on showing multiple examples of the same thing that produce different results or against different defensive slide packages."
Consider subscribing to Lacrosse Film Room's YouTube page and keeping up with his new clips. He's got a solid collection of good videos (for men's lacrosse), and he balances his commentary so you can learn both offensive and defensive strategies. Besides, he's done the work so you don't have to download hours of tape to learn what's what.
Why? Because Yo Momma Said so.

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