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A Beginners Guide to Beginning - 4 tips for buying gear

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by: Nick DiGianivittorio

I'm hoping my view as a player helps you make well informed purchases. - If you have questions feel free to reach out to me using the ASK NICK page on!

Professional athletes have to start somewhere...

Michael Jordon started by shooting hoops in his backyard, Tom Brady began in little league and perfected his spiral, and even Paul Rabil focused on shooting overhand before becoming the best lacrosse player in the world.

Beginning a sport can be intimidating - from learning how to play to what equipment to buy. Lacrosse is no different - everything is new.

Buying a beginner's equipment.

When it comes to buying equipment it can be confusing to differentiate between all of the different brands and protective styles that are offered. When buying for a beginner here are some great tips to follow that will help start your game right and not burn a hole in the bank account!

1) The stick - focus on a wide head and a light shaft

The stick is your most important piece of equipment and should be bought before any other types of gear. What level you are playing will drive the first stick you buy. Ideally you want to buy a stick with two components: a wide head and a light shaft.

A wide head will help the player to learn how to catch, throw, and scoop up ground balls while developing their own playing style.

A light shaft with 6000-7000 alloy is great for younger, beginners because it is light enough for the player to hold and will help when learning fundamentals.

If you start in high school, a beginning shaft between 7000-8000 (and preferably 7000) will keep up with the demand the high school game requires, while also developing the playing style you are stepping into.

As you evolve and grow through the game so will your stick. The more you use your beginner stick the more you will evolve and over time you will swap out the head and shaft for other ones that will make your passes more crisp or be able to withstand harder checks.

2) The helmet - adjustable is a plus

Helmets are expensive and so they are not as easily replaced as the stick or gloves. A great helmet to start with is the Pro7(Cascade Men's Lacrosse Pro7 Helmet Pro-Fit) What makes this a great a helmet for beginners is that it can adjust to any head size and fit any player. It also is tough enough that it can withstand any checks or hits the player may take.

I would even suggested it for players who are interested in playing goalie because it offers a wide and broad view to see the ball coming towards the goal.

3) Pads, pads, pads - package deals are ideal for beginners

Chest protectors, gloves and elbow pads are a more personal purchase based on preference but they can still run up the bill if you don’t know what to look for. When dealing with these pieces of equipment a package deal for beginner players is the best option.

The chest protector, gloves, and elbow pads will protect the player in all aspects and from here the evolution of preference can begin.

 For example, a player may start off with a chest protector that has arm guards on it that go on the biceps.  After time they may decide to get rid of those guards because they want to have more range for shooting and feel less restricted.

Package deals, like this one from BRINE (Youth Uprising Starter Lacrosse Set) and this one from Champion (Sports Rhino Lacrosse Set) are affordable and are the best way to get lacrosse gear for the level of competition the player will be first exposed to.

4) So many brands to shop from with great specializations

So to wrap it all up, while there are great choices with effective options for a player beginning to play lacrosse it is important to know brands. As lacrosse becomes increasingly popular new brands and lines of gear are being introduced all of the time. Brands such as STX, BRINE, WARRIOR, EPOCH, and Tribe Seven are always bringing new technologies to the market!  Many of these are focused on producing sticks and gear for the advanced player.

From review and personal experience two brands to look into for beginning players are STX and BRINE. These brands offer complete sticks and have many package deals that will get the player ready for play but also be safe at the same time. Based on position, if you are a beginning player and want to play offense I would personally suggest STX but if you are playing defense I would suggest BRINE. Both brands are great and create a great stepping stone for new players.

Lacrosse is a beautiful sport and everyone deserves to have an equal chance to experience the creativity and beauty of the game. Following these tips and ideas will let the full embrace of lacrosse happen and give birth to a new passion.

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