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Yo Momma Loves Lax. (YML2)

Who loves lax? Yo Momma does. And so do tens of thousands of other fans that are drawn to how exciting America's oldest sport can be. Here at YML2 we're building a resource that helps fans find the best lacrosse information and gear for both on and off the field.

We're especially excited about de-mystifying the game for fans and families drawn to the game for the first time.

YML2 is also designing lax-attitude t-shirts that speak to the unique vocabulary of the game. Our t-shirts and YML2 branded hats are all 100% made, designed and printed in the USA.

We hope you continue to come back to YML2 as we expand our lacrosse lifestyle presence and build our franchise.

Why take our word? Because Yo Momma said so.

YML2 #bottomhand Hat

$ 35.00
The ultimate in comfort and durable functionality. This statement piece will be the jewel of your lacrosse wardrobe - and show you are truly a YML2 thought leader. Even our dog thinks these hats are cool... Our collection of patches will expand every 4-6 weeks.  Check back as we grow...

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